How To Join The Company Carpool

Here's a step-by-step video walk through that explains how to easily join your company's co-worker carpooling group.

Welcome to Work Carpools

You're most likely watching this video because a co-worker sent it over and told you it would quickly explain what this website is, how it works, and next steps. So, let's dive right in.

Work carpools is a website that helps you and your co-workers to quickly self-organize workplace carpools. A major benefit is that you are only commuting with co-workers, these are people you likely see on a daily basis, so you are not commuting with strangers. Commuting with co-workers can save thousands throughout the year on gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.

How it works

You should have been given a special link to join your company's carpool program. The join page will look something like this and has your company’s name and address. You just need to enter your name, home address, email, and set a password. After you click sign up, we will create your account and verify your email address. Once that’s done, you’ll see a map interface and your carpooling matches.

On this page, you can browse your personalized carpooling matches grouped into three categories: co-workers that pass you on their way in (these are people that could probably pick you up), co-workers that live nearby (you could be a driver or passenger), and co-workers that you pass on your way in (where you could pick them up). How this works is that behind the scenes we are looking at how you and your co-workers commute to work, and cross referencing overlapping paths to suggest these carpools. You can see you have plenty of options depending on if you want to be a driver or passenger.

Your Privacy

To protect everyone's privacy, we anonymize your address, and instead use nearby cross streets as a good approximation of the general area where you live. You can then choose who you want to commute with, and share your details and set up ride sharing arrangements on your own. We just tell you who it makes sense to commute with.

Next Steps

That's it. We hope that helps explain what this website is, how it works, and how easy it is to get going. If you need help please contact your group organizer.