Benefits of Having a Carpooling Program for Your Employees

Learn about the financial, environmental, and employee happiness benefits of having a co-worker carpooling program.

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Getting to work can be costly and it is one of the top reasons many employees would prefer to work from home. This is especially true if your place of work is in a remote area and using public transportation takes significantly longer than commuting by car. Your company can improve access to its workplace and significantly reduce commuting costs by having a company sponsored ridesharing program that smartly matches employees based on their routes to work.

Why Have a Carpooling Program?

Setting up a carpooling program is one of the easiest ways to help employees who have difficulty getting to work using public transportation or are simply driving alone every day and want to save money. More often than not, employees are willing to commute with each other, but they simply do not know who within your company to commute with. Sure, carpooling still involves driving to work and possible parking expenses, but by increasing the number of people in each vehicle, you are helping employees share costs.

Financial & Environment Impacts of Carpooling

Probably the single biggest advantage to carpooling is that both you and your co-workers can save money on gas, insurance, vehicle wear and tear, and maintenance. Rather than driving to work alone in a car you can carpool and share the cost of fuel. Each person's commute is different but the average person commutes roughly 34 kilometers to work round-trip (17 km each way) and that can cost $150 a month or over $1,800 a year. Splitting the cost with a co-worker that’s traveling to the same place as you makes total financial sense.

For many employers, parking space is limited and parking real-estate is prohibitively expensive, so having a carpooling program can help reduce the need for additional parking spaces. Your company can also significantly offset CO2 greenhouse gasses by having a carpooling program. You can use our carpooling calculator to estimate the financial and environment impacts of running a carpooling program.

Next Steps

Starting a company sponsored carpooling program is easy with Work Carpools and takes less than 5 minutes. Simply have someone from your company sign up, ask your co-workers to join, and start carpooling. With Work Carpools it’s free for companies with up to 30 employees and $149/month for everyone else.