We're a profitable, fast growing, and fully remote company based on the west coast of Canada. We have open roles in Engineering, Support, and Marketing. If you're interested in solving the daily commute please apply. We offer very competitive compensation packages and foster a learning environment.

Software Engineer
  • Collaborate with cross-team with key stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Work on improvements critical to the success of customers.
  • Own the full lifecycle of development including design, testing, release, and running components in production.
  • Program in Go for backend with html/js frontend, learning from and contributing to a team committed to continually improving their skills.
  • You have 3+ years of professional software development experience.
Support Engineer
  • Triage incoming customer or support requests by working closely with product, engineering, and support.
  • Establish an understanding of the request by working with support, the customer, and setting up a reproduction.
  • Provide guidance and develop playbooks for internal teams around issue resolution.
  • Improve documentation for usage and solving problems where gaps are found.
  • You have 3+ years of support experience.
Product Marketing
  • Work collaboratively as part of a team to understand our customers needs.
  • Create lots of content that helps our customers (blogs, videos, etc).
  • You have 3+ years of product marketing experience.

Please email with cover letter + resume.

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