Benefits of carpooling

Save money, reach sustainability goals, offset environmental impact, and improve employee satisfaction.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Carpooling can reduce the carbon footprint of an average household by up to 1 ton of CO2e annually. Running a company wide carpooling program can have a BIG impact.

Huge savings on parking

Fewer cars means less spot construction, maintenance, enforcement, and gives options as your company grows. Staff also save money by sharing the cost of parking.

Improved workplace access

Providing reliable access from outlying areas via carpooling greatly expands your talent pool as an employer when public transportation options are limited.

Measure the impact

See how your workforce is commuting to work through detailed reports showing average distance, duration, estimated cost, CO2e emissions, etc.

Huge savings for commuters

The average commuter spends $150+ a month on fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance, etc. Carpooling with co-workers can save them roughly $1,800+ each a year.

No strangers

We only match you with co-workers from your company, people you already know and trust, eliminating a major drawback to carpooling, in that you’re not carpooling with strangers.

Smart ride matching

See matches based on who passes you, who lives nearby, and who you pass. Choices for both riders and drivers means carpooling might only add a couple minutes to your trip.

Costs employees nothing

Since your employer covers the cost of the Work Carpools carpooling tool, workers can self organize at no cost, improving satisfaction, and save money.

Next steps

Free for companies with up to 30 employees. Starts at $149 per month for everyone else.