About Us

The mission is simple

We help companies of all sizes create carpooling programs dedicated to just their workforce. Work Carpools is based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. It was founded in 2022 by a technology veteran who has worked for a few fast growing local startups, the research arm of the Canadian Government, Docker, and Google.

Global inflation and fuel costs are skyrocketing causing significant financial pain for workforces across the globe and we believe technology can help reduce that pain. The mission is simple, "save your workforce money by making it simple to connect with peers to discover carpooling options". Why not commute with nearby co-workers you already know and trust on your way to work?

Make it simple to connect with co-workers

Digital mapping has changed the landscape of how we travel. The team at Work Carpools recognized that there was a better way to instantly connect co-workers with the ridesharing options that they wanted.

Often co-workers are more happy to carpool with each other but there is no simple way to discover who lives nearby, but now co-workers can simply sign up, and visually see who passes them, who lives nearby, and who they pass on their way into the office.

Work Carpools is powered by proprietary technology, which makes it easier than ever to harness the power of ridesharing, and all of the financial and environmental benefits that it provides. Staff are savvier than ever, which means they can easily connect with peers, and choose for themselves who they would like to commute with from a pool of people they already know and trust.

Connect with us

Please e-mail us at hello@workcarpools.com.